Thursday, May 14, 2015


On my Me and My Laptop blog, my most popular post by far was my original visual of Bloom's Taxonomy, with the HOTS (higher order thinking skills) on top in warm tones, and the LOTS (lower order thinking skills) on the bottom in cool tones. I added a brief explanation  (in simple terms) of what each level is asking the student to do, and simplified action verbs. I had tried explaining the pyramid to my students before, but often the verbs were too complex for them to really grasp, so I knew I needed a more accessible visual (one not just for education students) and I knew that I'd probably have to make it myself if I wanted it to fit my specifications. Right now, I have this as a poster hanging on my classroom wall. Next year, I plan to spend the first week of school explaining Bloom's Taxonomy to my English I Honors class, explaining that, as honors students, our class will spend the majority of class time focusing on the HOTS. If you would like to use my visual, please feel free, but I'd appreciate it if you give me credit or link to either this blog post or the original post.

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